A baby buried to a system of Mistakes

Kelsey Briggs This article is written and owned by: Arnelle Durocher Michael Lee Porter is a man of horrific evil. What a treacherous evil person that could harm this little child. Kelsey died of blunt force trauma to the abdominal area. It seems to me this man beat up this little baby as if she was a man. This was not the only time that this child abuser applied brute force to an innocent little baby. In the nine months Michael Lee Porter was making sure, he made Kelsey the object of his abuse. Kelsey had a broken collarbone and faded bruises on her thighs and bottom, sprained ankle, doctors found broken bones, she even had two broken legs, and charges to Michael Porter were amended to add sexual abuse. The doctors did their part in diagnoses, what happened to DHS and the courts who allowed Kelsey to go back and live with her biological mother and her abusive stepfather? Are you kidding me? This little child, who in reality was a baby, had more injuries then any adult has had in their lifetime. How could DHS fail to protect Kelsey and how could the courts be willfully blind to the obvious, that little Kelsey Briggs was indeed a victim of child abuse? Kelsey’s case is another example of how the system continues to fail our children and families in society.Now some are arguing that Kelsey’s mother Rayed Dawn Smith was railroaded into jail. Really! I do not think that time she received was enough. How could Raye Dawn not suspect that her child was being abused and physically assaulted by someone? Give me a break! She stated she did not know how the bruises got on her daughter. Listen I am a parent, if my children has a bruise, I want to know right there and then, how they got it. A parent’s duty is to question, to love and protect their children. I am sorry Raye Dawn Smith failed to protect her child. She was to busy making house with her new man.Let us move on to Kelsey’s biological father, Lance Briggs. At the time that his precious daughter was being abused, he was in active duty, serving his country. Lance Briggs was also put on trial in the court of public opinion. First, it was he was a terrible husband, who physically assaulted Raye Dawn and his second wife. Fair enough, however! I do not know what type of a husband Lance Briggs was, but the fact remains that HE WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR NEGLECTING, ABUSING OR SEXUALLY ASSAULTING HIS PRECIOUS DAUGHTER KELSEY NOR DID HE TAKE HER LIFE. Among all the testimony of how terrible a husband he was, there was NEVER any evidence!! that he EVER physically assaulted his little daughter like that monster Michael Porter. There is absolutely no excuse for Michael Porter or Raye Dawn for what happened to this baby. It seems to me if Raye Dawn’s allegations regarding her turbulent marriage with Lance Briggs are true, she went from one abusive relationship to next with Michael Lee Porter, hell she even married him. If the reports are true, Lance Briggs was a terrible husband, however, he was NEVER a terrible father.It must be a hell of a thing to come home from active duty fighting for your country in Iraq to hear that your precious little daughter was not only dead, but was murdered by those that were suppose to ensure that she was safe, loved and protected.For all accounts, Lance Briggs loved his precious baby Kelsey that was his girl, as any father would say. I do not buy that her mother loved her as much as her father Lance Briggs loved Kelsey Briggs. If Raye Dawn did, she would have suspected what was going on with her baby. She would have taken her to the hospital and listened to what the doctor’s findings were on her daughter. She would have had red flags when the doctors diagnosed that their were physical traumas, broken bones and bruises on Kelsey. Raye Dawn would have removed her daughter from harms way, and went through legal venue to bring her precious daughter Kelsey’s abuser to justice. Instead, she married this monster and closed her eyes to her baby’s abuse.DHS and the courts also failed Kelsey, how much did it take to establish that she was being physically and sexually abused. DHS are supposed to have caseworkers that are well trained to recognize the signs of child abuse in every faucet of the different abuses. Then to make matters worse the courts return the child back to her abusers, instead of leaving her in the safety of her grandmother Kathy Briggs home. Should it not have dawned on the courts, that when Kelsey was in her grandmother’s care, that there were no injuries, no broken bones, no sexual assaults. Michael Porter’s own children gave accounts on how he was loving and nice to Kelsey when Raye Dawn was around, but when she was not he would take her into a room, close the door, and when it opened, Kelsey was crying. One cousin witnessed Porter hitting Kelsey’s head against a brick wall. Still through all the bruises and broken bones, the question remains how did Raye Dawn not suspect that Kelsey was a victim of her husband’s or someone’s abuse? Raye Dawn only received twenty-seven measly years for her willful blindness and silence of her daughter’s abuse . Not nearly enough, through her silence and her selfish need to have a man, she permitted this vile poor excuse for a human being to continually abuse her daughter. Michael Porter ONLY received thirty measly years for abusing , physically and sexually assaulting Kelsey Briggs and eventually taking this baby’s life. I am sorry, as far as I am concerned, Michael Porter should have received the death penalty and Raye Dawn should have received life in prison without the possibility of parole.Lance Briggs or his family are not to blame for what happened to Kelsey. I am sure if Lance Briggs had been at home instead of serving his country in Iraq, that he would have rescued his daughter from the clutches of the brutality levelled on her and lethal force that took her life. Kelsey Briggs was in fact fighting her own war at home while her father was fighting for others. Lance Briggs was over in Iraq, fighting for his country to ensure that his country‘s , human rights, liberties and freedoms would be available to all Americans. In his quest to serve, protect and fight for his country, he unknowingly sacrificed his little daughter. The Kelsey Briggs case was/is about Child Abuse, violations of a child’s human rights , a failed and broken child protection and judicial system, parental responsibility and duty and the death of a little baby. Lance Briggs was not on trial nor should his family be on trial who loved Kelsey. As a people, we need to remember not to stray from what the real issues are in cases and not focus on issues that were not on trial. If Lance Briggs was a terrible husband, it does not take away from the fact he was a terrific father who loved his daughter, and does not take away from the fact that he was not responsible for the death of his daughter. Little Kelsey Briggs is one case of child abuse; there are so many cases of this nature. May Kelsey Briggs spirit live as the angel she was here on earth!The death of Kelsey Briggs has brought the flailing and failed justice system in disrepute and has brought in a new law, on May 26, 2006, the state of Oklahoma signed in a law that is designed to protect children from abuse and neglect .The legislative bill, signed in is known as the Kelsey Smith-Briggs Child Protection Reform Act. This bill helps to strengthen training of court-appointed child advocates and make judges more accountable for their rulings in child-placement cases. It also augments the ability of state agencies, including the Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, to intervene and act on behalf of children in abusive homes. Kelsey’s father Lance Briggs has petitioned the courts to sue the DHS and the state for their failure to protect his daughter and so he should. Kelsey should have never been returned to her mother’s home while she as married to that treacherous vile child abuser Michael Lee Porter. In April 2008, Lance Brigg’s lawsuit was upheld and the 10th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the DHS workers accused in Lance Briggs’ lawsuit are eligible to be sued. Briggs sued DHS employees Kristal Johnson, Yolanda Hunter and David Burgess along with another youth services agency in 2006, claiming they discouraged the reporting of child abuse leading up to the death of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. Briggs’ lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, did not meet legal standards for a claim that government employees created the danger resulting in injury.In ending, Kelsey Briggs is one child out of many that needed adult intervention and protection. Her mother did not protect her as a mother should, DHS failed, other agencies as well as the courts failed Kelsey Briggs. They also failed Lance Briggs who had every right to expect his young daughter Kelsey who was just over two years old would be there to greet him when he finally returned home. Instead he returned home from the horror of fighting his country’s war in Iraq, to the horror of his little baby’s savage and brutal death. If soldiers are away fighting to protect their country, some whom have already given their lives, how is it that their country’s social programs and judicial system failed Lance Briggs. Kelsey’s real protector her daddy was taken away from his protective and loving watch, because he was in Iraq protecting his country.In my conclusion I would like to add where was Lance's country protecting his family his baby and her rights the right to life Help hold child services accountable this law if passed would save lives you think these caseworkers want to go to prison they will be quicker to not snatch a child from a loving home because this is reforming their evil corrupt ways your tax dollars your decision to keep funding this failure.